Location picker

Guide on using the location picker to get the css selector

Location picker is built to help user get the css selector in their theme where the table will appear. To use the location picker, you must first ensure that the theme app extension has been enabled. If the theme app extension is not enabled, the location picker will not work.

Enabling TableFlow theme app extension

First go to your theme editor, under "App embeds", search for "TableFlow" and then switch on and save the changes.

Using the location picker

If you have enabled, click on "Location picker" in the settings page and this will open up your storefront. Once the page is loaded, there will be a form appended on top of your page as highlighted in red below:

When you move your cursor around the page, you will see blue border around the element that your cursor is on. Double click to confirm the placement and then click "Save Placement". The following video shows exactly how to do that:

Alternatively, you might want to place the table in the collapsible content. This is where the positioning of the table matters. The following video shows how to add TableFlow to collapsible content nicely:

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